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“50 wines with woman’s soul”

Queens of Cups, The bigest wine women, Zoltan Nagy‘s first passionate wine book, a young author who wants to convey us that “the role of women in the wine world is increasing” through 50 wines with the soul of woman. Each wine with a personal history, a women oenologist behind and with texts that “are necessarily very personal, sometimes passionate” recognizes the author. The purpose of the book is to convey the role of women, “women add strength, reflection and sensitivity to the world of wine.”

Carme Casacuberta, oenologist and owner of the Vinyes d’Olivardots winery, together with her daughter, also enologist, Carlota Pena, identifies herself through Gresa wine, the one which her adventure began in 2002. The dream of demonstrating the potential of the Empordà soils she had always believed in: from these lands we could make a great wine one day?

Gresa is characterized for being a modern, structured and full-bodied red wine. That wants to express through all the vintages the land and the soils where the vineyards are located.

Queens of cups is a book of personal stories that the author wants to present, here is 1 of 49 more stories that remain to be discovered.

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