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Since its inception, Vinyes d’Olivardots has been committed to preserving the environment and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. With a vision focused on respect for the territory and the appreciation of local biodiversity, the winery has maintained a firm commitment to organic agriculture from day one.

With the arrival of Carlota, oenologist and viticulturist nine years ago, this line of organic agriculture takes another step in practices and ways of working. He introduces biodynamics and plant phytotherapy as fundamental pillars in his agricultural philosophy. Biodynamic farming goes beyond conventional organic farming, through the preparation of natural composts and the observation and interpretation of planetary cycles. The result, the enrichment of the soils, the plants and the harmony with the surroundings of the Paratge Olivardots.

Phytotherapy is an age-old practice that relies on empirical and scientific knowledge of the preventive and curative medicinal properties of plants to heal other plants. This technique is a key element in Carlota’s knowledge and practices, which uses these properties provided by the herbs and plants that surround Vinyes d’Olivardots, through previously studied cooking and infusions and thus applies it to our vineyards .


To carry out the treatments in our vineyards, we first collect medicinal herbs that grow about 3 km around, some of them we are even lucky enough to live in the estates in the middle of the vines. Once harvested, if we need them fresh, or if we want to keep them dry, we make fermented macerations, infusions or decoctions to extract the corresponding active principles and cure the vines of fungi and diseases.

Some of the phytotherapeutic plants we work with are horsetail or dandelion, to prevent fungi and cryptogamic diseases in the vegetative growth phase.

The nettle is rich in macro and micronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron. Depending on how it is cooked, we can use it as an acaricide or as a foliar fertilizer.

Just like comfrey, which also acts as a foliar fertilizer or cell regenerator in the face of frost and/or hail.

Chamomile, known for its sulfur content and useful against powdery mildew, also has refreshing properties against the water stress of the vine applied in the afternoon on the canopy and in more sensitive phases such as the ripening process of the grapes.

Other medicinal herbs used in Vinyes d’Olivardots are valerian, yarrow, thyme, rosemary, oak bark and sage.

If you want to know more about our practices, click on the SUSTAINABILITY section of our website.


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