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15 wines from Vinyes d’Olivardots (DO Empordà) have received scores higher than 92 points in the article of The Wine Advocate, by the prestigious American critic Robert Parker.

The article, signed by the taster in the Spanish State, Luis Gutierrez, particularly highlights the vinifications of white Carignan Vd’O 6.21(2021), which has received a score of 95 points, and the two black Carignan: Vd’O 1.19 (2019) and Vd’O 2.17 (2017), both with 94 points. Also recognized are Ethèric (2021) with 94 points and Essència Dolça with 94 points, the latter from the Ethèric line by oenologist and viticulturist Carlota Pena, second generation of the Vinyes d’Olivardots winery.

Cariyena Blanca 2021 – 95 PARKER POINTS

The winery’s maximum score has been awarded to the wine Vd’O 6.21 (2021), with 95 points. This is a monovarietal white Carignan from old vines dating back to 1900, cultivated in sandy soils with pebbles and flint stone from the Comamillana Estate in Sant Climent Sescebes.

The preparation and vinification of this wine is carried out through a low-temperature fermentation in stainless steel tanks, kept in contact with its lees and worked constantly with the bâtonnage technique for 8 months. This wine is part of the “Varietals de terer” line with a production of 800 bottles.

My favorite has always been the monovarietal white Carignan from old vines”, according to Luis Gutiérrez.

We have also scored the next vintages of the monovarietal Carinyena negre Vd’O 1.19 (2019) with 94 points and Vd’O 2.19 (2019) with 93 points. Etheric black vintage 2021 with 94 points. Gresa Expression 2018 with 92 points. Finally Finca Olivardots Vermell 2020 with 90 points.

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