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The Harvest and the First Slate Soil Fair

D.O. Empordà realized the harvest fair in Colera and the winery Hugues de Batlle joined them to celebrate the First Slate Soil fair.

The Slate Soil fair, organized for the first time by Hugues de Batlle, was celebrated last Saturday 3rd of September at the same time as The Harvest Fair organized by D.O. Empordà.

This year, we assisted at the double wine fair where all the wineries from the Empordà brought for an exclusive mode, wines which they’re made on a slate soil. In Vinyes d’Olivardots we have 2 plots in Rabós and Vilamaniscle which both have slate soil (Licorella) and where we make one of the most characteristic wines from our line of Vd’O: 1.15.
As well as, we presented the new vintage of Gresa 2015 which have a 30% of carignan in a slate soil.

The double wine fair was an absolutely success and from Vinyes d’Olivardots we want to say thank you to the organisation from Hugues de Batlle and D.O. Empordà for the contribution and the hard effort for making this possible.

Carme Casacuberta, in Colera at the Harvest and Slate Soil Fair.

Even more, this last month we were been present in a lot of communication medias for the earliest harvest in the Empordà‘s history.

Aquesta imatge té l'atribut alt buit; el seu nom és WhatsApp-Image-2022-09-08-at-10.46.28-1-576x1024.jpeg
Carlota Pena, doing the harvest by hand in our plot Finca Vinyes d’Olivardots.

Harvest and slate soil fair
Diari de Girona Harvest fair
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Diari de Girona
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