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Vd’O 6.18 Best White Wine of Catalonia 2022

Vd’O 6.18 The Best White Wine of Catalonia 2022

Last Monday, 15th November 2021, the 14th edition of The Catalonia Wine Guide 2022 was held at the Barcelona Forum. An edition that, despite the complications of the pandemic, could be held and had 1.248 references of wines presented which 400 of them that were above 9.50 points and could be tasted during the event.

At the gala, led by Sommelier Meritxell Falgueras and accompanied by their directors Sílvia Naranjo and Jordi Alcover, were presented the Awards for “LA GUIA DE VINS DE CATALUNYA 2022”.

Among the awards given, the Vd’O 6.18 White Carignan 100% in sandy soil from Vinyes D’Olivardots winery, was awarded as the Best White Wine of Catalonia 2022 with a score of 9.85

The Vd’O 6.18 White Carignan 2018 is part of the “Varietals de Terrer” collection of the winery or better known as a VD’O, a line of single vineyards in different types of terroirs, seeking the purest expression of the varieties. A collection currently composed by 8 wines from 8 different estates.

Vd’O 6.18 White Carignan 2018 comes from an old vineyard from 1900 that is located in the area of the Empordà plain, where the soil is alluvial formed by pebble stones and sand. A wine that seeks to express the terroir and the landscape where it grows, giving mineral notes of bonfire stone, citrus, tropical pineapple and Mediterranean aromatic herbs.


Other Scores from Vinyes d’Olivardots winery:
Vd’O 6.18 White Carignan – 9,85 (Best White Wine of Catalonia 2022)
Etèric 2018 – 9,81 (Best DO Empordà red wine)
Blanc de Gresa 2018 – 9,71
Groc d’Àmfora 2020 – 9,46

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Download the Technical data or know more about Vd’O 6.18 White Carignan 2018:
Technical Data Vd’O 6.18
Vd’O 6.18 – White Carignan 2018

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