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Highlights from Catalunya 2018 – The Wine Advocate

Last 27th April 2018, Luis Gutierrez, the Wine Advocate taster, published the new wine scores tasted this year 2018 in different regions in Catalunya. As it mentions on his article: “Potential remains very high in Empordà, and this time I tasted a larger selection from Vinyes d’Olivardots, the winery I consider most interesting from the appellation.”

So, he tasted a 12 wines selection from Vinyes d’Olivardots winery, that all of them are up high 90 points score and 7 of it high 92 points, making a special mention to White Carignan: “My favorite wine from their portfolio tends to be the Cariñena Blanca Vd’O 6.XX, where XX corresponds to the last digits of the vintage. The vines were planted in 1900 at some 100 meters in altitude onsand, stone and granite soils. I’m now convinced that this is one of the most appropriate white grapes for the Mediterranean zone, as it keeps the character and freshness even under hot, dry conditions.” and giving the best puntuation of this region to this wine with 94 points.

Groc d’Àmfora 2016 – 91 points
Blanc de Gresa 2015 – 91 points
Gresa 2010 – 90+ points
Gresa 2011 – 90 points
Vd’O 1.07 – 93 points
Vd’O 1.12 – 92+ points
Vd’O 1.13 – 92 points
Vd’O 2.12 – 93+ points
Vd’O 2.13 – 92+ points
Vd’O 6.13 – 94 points
Vd’O 6.15 – 93 points
Vd’O 7.13 – 91 points

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