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At Vinyes d’Olivardots, our commitment to organic and sustainable viticulture leads us to employ natural methods to protect and care for our vineyards. Following the principles of biodynamics, we focus on the use of phytotherapy as a means to prevent and treat potential diseases that may affect our grapes.

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With a deep knowledge of medicinal plants, we gather around the cellar those species that are most effective, and through a process of cooking or fermentation, we extract the active principles that will help protect the vines.

Working with phytotherapy and biodynamic agriculture helps us preserve the natural balance of the vineyard ecosystem and its connection to the land through plants that heal plants.


From November to March, during the resting months of the vines, it’s the turn of our animals. The team of sheep at Vinyes d’Olivardots begins grazing in the different estates, cutting herbs and flowers from the vegetative coverings, while naturally fertilizing the soils with their droppings.

The symbiosis of sheep – vineyard – soils is the harmony that translates into the grapes in the form of quality and authentic expression of their terroir.


At Vinyes d’Olivardots, we recycle everything we generate, largely through composting.

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From harvest residues like grape skins and clusters resulting from the winemaking and pressing process, to pruning branches and the droppings from our sheep and chickens when we clean their stables. A combination of organic materials, some rich in Carbon-based compounds and others in Nitrogen-based compounds, is composted for 12 months until it transforms into a rich and fertile humus that we return to our vineyards, favoring nutrient balance, increasing organic matter, and improving water retention capacity, thereby completing the vine’s life cycle.

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When the wine bottles from Vinyes d’Olivardots reach the end of their useful life, whether in tastings, winery visits, or events, we don’t see them as waste, but as opportunities for a new life. We transform them into trays, plates, or even glasses that will have a reuse in daily life.


But our commitment to sustainability goes further, and all the packaging that wraps our wines and recycled products, we also seek to follow the same philosophy and have FSC certification.

Recycling is not just a task, but a way of living and working consciously and sustainably.


Carbon footprint is a global issue that we all, to the extent possible, must contribute to resolving. In a winery, the harvest is a critical moment of maximum CO2 production due to the fermentations of the wines.

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Since our beginnings, we implemented an innovative measure to interconnect fermentation tanks and reuse carbon dioxide to inertize grape entries or post-fermentation macerations of adjacent tanks.

We want to help and contribute our part in the fight against climate change.


Committed to sustainability and environmental preservation, the Vinyes d’Olivardots winery operates on green energy obtained from the sun. In 2018, we implemented a system of solar panels to generate clean electricity and storage batteries to use it during the night or cloudy days, allowing us to carry out all winery tasks with renewable energy on a daily basis.

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