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Vinyes d’Olivardots is a small family winery with an unwavering passion for creating wines with a unique personality seeking balance and elegance in the Empordà region.

With its picturesque landscapes, exceptional terroirs, and the purity of its native varieties, this winery captures the essence of the region and transfers it to each bottle.

Located amidst the majestic mountains and panoramic views of the Serra de l’Albera and part of Alt Empordà, the winery is immersed in a privileged natural environment.

These stunning landscapes directly influence the character of the produced wines, as the vineyards are nourished by the fresh mountain air and the significant influence of the Tramuntana wind.

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The unique terroirs of the Empordà region play a crucial role in the production of Vinyes d’Olivardots wines.

With a perfect combination of alluvial, stony, and granitic soils, these terroirs bring complexity and character to the wines, adding layers of flavours and aromas that reflect its the richness.

Carme and Carlota, passionate winemakers and viticulturists, have dedicated time and effort to recover and work with native varieties such as White Grenache, Red Grenache, White and Red Carignan, among others. Therefore, the winery bets on the viticultural diversity of the region and aims to highlight its potential.



The winemaking process at Vinyes d’Olivardots is a balance between tradition and innovation.

With rigorous manual work from the vineyard to the cellar, each grape is treated with care and respect to maintain its integrity.

Fermentation and aging are carried out in a controlled and slow manner, allowing the aromas and flavors to develop fully and integrate harmoniously.


From the fresh and vibrant whites to the creamy and persistent ones, to the structured and silky reds, these wines reflect the art and passion of the winemakers who create them.

With limited production and meticulous attention to detail, Vinyes d’Olivardots wines are appreciated by discerning wine lovers. Their exceptional quality and distinctive personality make each tasting experience unique in the moment.

Vinyes d’Olivardots wines are an expression of the spirit of Empordà, combining balance, elegance, and complexity in every sip through its landscapes, terroirs, and the purity of its varieties.

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