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tres ampolles gama de vins Vd'O monovarietals de terrer

We are delighted to share with you the latest updates we presented this past Monday: the new vintages of our much-anticipated single varietals, 1,2,6. With this extraordinary collection and its new vintages, we have decided to revamp our image to provide you with a maximum visual and sensory experience during the tasting.

With this makeover, we place strong emphasis on the plot number and the unique color of each variety. Each label reflects the characteristic texture of the terroir. For enthusiasts of fine details, and if necessary, we encourage you to submerge this gem in an ice bucket or give it a chill with a wine cooler sleeve. This will further highlight the unique texture of the terroir that brings this exceptional wine to life.

On the back label, you will find a brief description of the plot, its location, and the year of the harvest. This information provides essential context for your tasting experience, reminding you that you are about to enjoy a limited edition, with a unique bottle number highlighting the singularity of this wine.

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We are looking forward to your immersion in this new tasting experience and receiving your feedback. With these new vintages, we raise our glass to celebrate the passion for wine. May each sip be a memory of this unique experience and the dedication we put into every drop.

Cheers and wine!

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