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Vinyes d’Olivardots at GIDONA’s magazine

Vinyes d’Olivardots at GIDONA’s magazine / Març 2022

This March, like every month, arrives Gidona’s magazine, which make reference to the entrepreneur women of Girona’s region. Exactly this month we celebrate the International Women Day and we’re interviewed for Isabel Caro, sommelier and president of ACAVI and director of Wine Lover Club.

We want to make an special emphasise on this article because we’re acclaimed the way she transmit, when Isabel Caro write it. We want to express our gratitude, for the words she use and the way she transfers so well our way to understand and our philosophy of the vineyard and the method we make wine.

At the beginning of the article, Isabel Caro said: “Vinyes d’Olivardots were the vines allow the moon to caress them”. We don’t understand anyway better to make known in a simple sentence, how our modus operandi works.

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Vinyes d’Olivardots

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