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cinc dones del món del vi

Left to right: Anna Espelt, Anna Vicens, Marta Pedra, Carme Casacuberta and Laura Masramon at the winery Celler Espelt, Vilajuïga. Photo by Carles Palacio and Berta.

Recently, the newspaper ARA highlighted five exceptional women who are leaving their mark on the world of wine. These trailblazers are transforming the agricultural, viticultural, and sommelier landscape, and their voices have resonated through social media, making them the protagonists of the most prominent news of the week. With great insight, Jordi Carreras brought them together to share their narratives and courageous contributions in an article that we are more than proud to present to you.

Anna Espelt: Hailing from Celler Espelt, situated in the Empordà Designation of Origin, brings a unique perspective to the world of wine. She comments, “In the world of wine, there have always been women, but they were on the side or behind.” Her passion and determination are forging a new path for women in this sector.

Marta Pedra: With deep roots firmly planted in the vineyard, Marta Pedra, from La Vinyeta cellar (DO Empordà) and Vins de Pedra (DO Conca de Barberà), confesses that “The deep love at home had always been the vineyard, and that left a mark on me.” Her love for the land is reflected in her wines, which showcase unwavering dedication.

Carme Casacuberta: Owner, winemaker, and viticulturist of Vinyes d’Olivardots cellar, she has recently made history by being chosen as the first president of the DO Empordà and the third woman in Catalonia to preside over a DO. With a clear vision and unmatched passion, she is leading the way towards gender equality in this industry.

Anna Vicens: As the president of the Catalan Association of Sommeliers, she highlights the different sensibility that women bring to the art of wine tasting. Her influence is changing how we perceive and enjoy wine.

Laura Masramon: She is a sommelier who is gaining ground in this discipline. She observes how the presence of women in a winery can make a tangible difference in the final product, underscoring the importance of diversity in this industry.

These five women are blazing a trail, challenging stereotypes, and demonstrating that the world of wine is a realm where passion, determination, and female sensitivity have a prominent place. Their legacy inspires us and reminds us that gender equality is a goal that can be achieved in any industry. We are more than grateful for this opportunity to get to know them and share their stories. We hope that these extraordinary women continue to shine in the world of wine and serve as an inspiration for future generations of female sommeliers, winemakers, viticulturists, and leaders in this field.


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