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Among the Stars at the Michelin Gala 2024

Gala Michelin 2024

The Michelin Gala 2024 was a festival for the senses, and Catalonia shone brightly in this globally renowned culinary celebration. At Vinyes d’Olivardots, we are thrilled to share the stage with the stars of haute cuisine and be part of an unforgettable night where Catalan wine excellence also took center stage.

The recently published article by Vadevi immerses us in a unique sensory experience, where Catalan wines rise as true stars on the table. From the elegant freshness of our Cava to the robust complexity of our Priorat red, each sip is a journey through the vinicultural diversity of Catalonia.

Highlights of the Night: Vinyes d’Olivardots, among others, at the Michelin Gala

• Sparkling Wines

  • Mestres – Clos Damiana 2007, Cava
  • Torelló – Gran Torelló 2015 (Magnum), Corpinnat
  • Recaredo – Serral del Vell 2017, Corpinnat
  • Colet – Colet-Navazos Brut Nature 2019, Classic Penedès
  • Mas del Serral de Pepe Raventós – Mas del Serral 2010 Magnum, Conca del Riu Anoia

• White Wines

  • Alemany i Corrio – Cargol Treu Vi 2022, Penedès
  • Enric Soler – Improvisaciò 2021, Penedès
  • Clos Mogador – Nelin 2016, Priorat
  • Venus La Universal – Dido La Solució Rosa 2015, Montsant
  • Olivardots – Vinyes d’Olivardots Vd’O 6.21, Empordà

• Red Wines

  • Familia Nin-Ortiz – Planetes 2018, Priorat
  • Álvaro Palacios – Gratallops 2021, Priorat
  • Castell d’Encus – Thalarn 2019, Costers del Segre
  • Pardas – Collita Roja 2017, Penedès
  • Torres – Grans Muralles 2010, Conca de Barberà

• Sweet/Fortified Wines:

  • Gramona – Vi de Glas 2007, Penedès
  • Gramona – Ranci Solera Centenaria, Penedès

At the Michelin Gala 2024, the presence of our Catalan wines elevated the gastronomic experience to new heights. The quality and diversity of our wines not only showcased the talent of our winemakers but also solidified Vinyes d’Olivardots as a benchmark in the global wine map.

It’s also worth mentioning the distinction of the Best Sommelier awarded to Josep Roca, a testament to the art of pairing wines with culinary excellence. The Michelin Gala 2024 was a tribute to the passion, dedication, and art of Catalan winemaking, and Vinyes d’Olivardots is excited to continue writing its story on the international wine scene.


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