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January the 9th of 2023, after having received the distinction “Vi de Finca Qualificada” Vinyes d’Olivardots appeared on a regional television channel (TV3) as a reference winery of the D.O. Empordà.

In this same news report, they made a special reference to the different and difficulties the different viticulturist had to find their way around during the last 10 years, the most important being the extreme drought periods and the increasing wild animals.

To the D.O. Empordà there’s been a drip in the harvest of 7,8% during the last decade (a difference between a grape harvest of 8.3 million kg ten years ago versus, a 7.96 million kg harvest this past 2022).

Regardless of these numbers winemakers positively agree that this 2022 vintage is expected to be a year of high-quality wine, even if the quantity is less.

In addition, this year, in Vinyes d’Olivardots (Alt Empordà, Capmany) we have been awarded with the prize “Vi de Finca Qualificada” with one of the wines from the “Varietals de Terrer” collection, Vd’O 2: 100% Carignan in a sandy soil.

It is the 14th Catalan wine qualified with this award and also the 1st wine from the D.O. Empordà with this prestigious distinction.

This wine comes from a hundred-year-old plot (1909), named “Hort d’en Riera”, a vineyard to which the winemaker has always opted enhance its expression of this variety, soil and its territory, the winemakers Carme and Carlota, have worked hard to ensure the highest standards and quality of this wine up to the utmost detail.

We remind you that this distinction is given to wines that are more than 10 years old in the D.O. Empordà. Meaning it has had track record of prestige and quality in the market in the last decade, giving additional value to ​​the vineyard, viticulturist, track record and winery.

Alba Balcells, director of INCAVI comments in the report: “All the great wine regions of the world have their flagship wines. That is why the distinction of “Vi de Finca Qualificada” can mean very high visibility at the level of all the potential and value that Catalan wine has as a whole”.

Carme Casacuberta, has also participated in an interview on the TV3 program “Tot es mou” with the winemaker Eudald Massana (Alt Penedés) with the wine “‘L’Avi Ton” to explain the flagship wines and the two prizes awarded.

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