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5th March of 2023: World Energy Efficiency Day

Ramón Ruset, Anton Ferrater, Carlota Pena, Joan Nicolàs and Isaac.

Vinyes d’Olivardots ha recibido de la mano de Nissan, la nueva Nissan Townstar 100% eléctrica, como galardón del Premio Nissan al Mejor Proyecto Ecológico de los Premios Vinari 2022.

Last edition of the Vinari Awards from Catalonia, the winery Vinyes d’Olivardots, located in Capmany (Alt Empordà), was the winner of the Nissan Award to the Best Ecological Project. This award recognizes a winery that since its foundation, put faith in a stronger way for being eco-friendly and sustainable.

Vinyes d’Olivardots is a familiar project run by two women, Carme Casacuberta and Carlota Pena, mother and daughter, oenologists and vine growers. A winery that starts 16 years ago with the aim to work with an ecologic agriculture at all their vines by the bases of the biodynamic and looking for taking care about the sustainability as a priority.

For all of that, the Vinari Awards decided to recognize the meticulous job of our winery, which come to the smallest details for carry out the wine project with minimal impact for the environment and to contribute to a better environment health, too, as we mentioned in the previous blog post.

Today we also add to our team a zero emissions van to be able to move around the vineyard reducing our footprint emissions as well as reducing our acoustic pollution.

We are very pleased to announce that we received the keys of our Townstrar electric van, which will be at our disposal for the next 3 months kindly landed to us by Nissan and Nikko Centre motors to be able to do our job in the most sustainable way possible.

If you want to know more about us and tasting our wines… Visit us!
Vinyes d’Olivardots

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