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Carme Casacuberta, 1rst female president of DO Emporda

Carme Casacuberta, nova presidenta de la DO Empordà, a la roda de prensa.

The DO Empordà, known as the Regulatory Council of the Empordà Designation of Origin, has made significant progress in the process of renewing its board of directors. Within the framework of the elections called by the Generalitat this spring, only one candidacy has been presented to replace the current president, Xavier Albertí. In this process, the election of the presidency is the final step to consolidate the renewal, and there is unanimous consensus among the winemakers in favor of Carme Casacuberta, a winemaker and owner of the Vinyes d’Olivardots winery. Therefore, it appears to have achieved unanimity among the wineries, viticulturists, and representatives of the region, and everything indicates that she will become the new president of the Empordà Designation of Origin. This fact is particularly remarkable as she will be the first woman to achieve this, making it a historic event.

Capmany was the chosen venue last Wednesday to bid farewell to four of the most active and long-standing members of the outgoing board, who have been involved in various tasks within the DO for almost eighteen years. This group is composed of President Xavier Albertí, Toni Roig from Mas Llunes, Pere Lloveras from the Espolla cooperative, and Marta Pairó from the Pere Guardiola winery in Capmany. It took place at the El Parral winery, where the City Council, with the support of the Girona Provincial Council and the DO Empordà, is preparing for the opening of the Vi Vent Interpretation Space. This space will highlight the vine and the wine of the region. Joan Fuentes, the acting mayor, explained the current state of the project, emphasizing that they intend to finish it within this year to make a significant contribution to the entire Empordà region. Over a hundred people attended the farewell event of Albertí’s board at the El Parral agro-winery, which is part of the same cooperative, the oldest in the region. Xavier Albertí assumed the presidency in 2015, succeeding Josep Blanch. During his tenure, the DO Empordà has promoted teamwork, focusing on the consolidation of wine tourism, the enhancement of native varieties, research through the Puig Vayreda scholarship, and brand improvement. The new headquarters in Plaça del Sol, donated by the Figueres City Council, was also inaugurated. Thus, Xavier Albertí is passing on his position to Carme Casacuberta in 2023, making her the first female president of the Empordà Designation of Origin starting from June.

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