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Antoni Pena, Carme Casacuberta and Carlota Pena, at the delivery of the distinction “VI DE FINCA QUALIFICADA”.

Monday 13th of December, the winery Vinyes d’Olivardots based in Capmany (Alt Empordà), got the “Vi de Finca Qualificada” distinction with the Vd’O 2 wine placing themselves as the 13th cellar to obtain this distinction and the first one in D.O. Empordà.

This is one of the highest award that a Catalan wine can achieve. This award is a guarantee of a vineyard that bets on continuous work, dedication and high standards.

Carme Casacuberta and Carlota Pena, oenologists and winegrowers, as well as mother and daughter are the vineyard owners, have received this accreditation at Palau Pedralbes (Barcelona) handed by the director of the Climate Accion and Rural Accion, Teresa Jordà, and the manager of INCAVI Alba Balcells.

This gets Catalunya a total of 14 wines with this distinction (Vi de Finca Qualificada) from different D.O. regions. More precisely 4 D.O.Q. Priorat wines (Clos Mogador, Mas de la Rosa, Clos Fontà i Coma Blanca); 5 DO Penedès wines (La Scala, Le Havre, Vinya Gigi, Vinya Palau i Avi Ton); 2 Pla de Bages wines (3.9 i Arnau Oller); 1 DO Montsant wine (Teixar); 1 DO Terra Alta wine (Mas Edetària Selecció); y 1 DO Empordà wine(Vd’O 2).

The 5 required attributes to obtain this accreditation besides high working standards and the commitment with the territory are:

-Minimum of 5 years in the D.O. register and with a production efficiency of over 15% less than the established by the D.O. and a higher grade from the taste committee.

-The owner of the vineyard and the cellar must be the same one and the wine must be produced in the same lands or nearby the vineyard.

-The wine is produced in an specific environment with edaphic characteristics and microclimate of its own.

-The winery has a high quality and prestigious trajectory on the market for at least 10 years or more.

-There is a high standardised traceability from the production up to commercialisation.

The “Vi Finca Qualificada” (VFQ since 2022) Vd’O 2 wine is from a single vineyard 100% Carignan. This wine is part of pour collection “Varietals de Terrer” which has its origins in a 1909 north-east vineyard in Capmany at 90m above the sea level. The harvest is done manually (by hand) and for its making we use a technique called pigeage in order to be able to get the essence of this grape. A long maceration followed by a pressing at very low pressure with a vertical press and placed by gravity in French oak barrels where it’s going to stay for 16 months.

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