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At Vinyes d’Olivardots, we place great importance on the quality of the grapes we use to produce our wines. That’s why every year, during the harvest period, the entire winery team carefully heads to the vineyards to carry out the harvest manually using shears. One by one, we cut and make an initial selection of the clusters that are in optimal conditions of ripeness and health, discarding all those that do not meet our quality standards.

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Gently, we place them in small, slatted boxes of 10kg, which allow us to preserve the integrity of the clusters, avoiding excessive pressure and ensuring they arrive at the winery in the best condition and as quickly as possible.

This attention to detail in the harvesting process is fundamental to guarantee the quality and authenticity of our wines.


The first thing we do when the grapes arrive at our winery is cold maceration. We unload the crates from the tractor and stack them in a refrigerated chamber at a temperature between 2-4ºC.

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This initial thermal shock allows us to achieve greater complexity in its organoleptic profile and increase the hardness of the grape for subsequent handling.

After 24-48 hours, crate by crate, it is poured onto the sorting table where, through the use of gentle vibrations, the clusters are spread out on the table, and the Vinyes d’Olivardots team meticulously inspect each grape to remove overripe berries, those showing any disease or defect, as well as other undesirable elements that could affect the quality of our wines. This process is crucial to maintain the quality of the grapes and achieve the highest excellence in the winemaking process; a task that requires great skill and attention to detail.


At Vinyes d’Olivardots, we like to embrace ancient traditions and give them a modern twist. In 2013, we decided to revive a winemaking technique, aging, and transportation of wines typical of Empordà with over 3,000 years of history: the use of terracotta amphorae.

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This ancestral practice allows us to connect with the roots of winemaking and add a unique touch to our products, as the clay pores allow controlled micro-oxygenation, favoring the aromatic concentration of the wines while maintaining their freshness.

We carry out both the fermentation and aging for 4 months in our white and rosé wines, aiming for purity, minerality, balance, and creaminess.


After a long fermentation, during which the grapes have been in contact with their skins to achieve optimal extraction of color, aroma, and tannins, we proceed with a gentle and respectful pressing with the vertical press.

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We then move the wine to French oak barrels of different carefully selected dimensions to provide subtle woody notes that complement and enrich the characteristics of the wine during its aging. After an approximate period of 10 to 18 months, finally, our wines are ready to be bottled and shared with wine lovers.

Each drop captures the essence of our passion, dedication, and love for the land, the vineyard, and the artisanal winemaking process.

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